DUI Assessments

Have you received a DUI? If you have been to court, your DUI assessment is the first step to getting your drivers license back-an vital part of your life back. Don’t put it off!


Outpatient programs are individually tailored to meet the needs of people that have accepted their disease and have
begun the recovery process. Programs include individual and group therapy and continue the use of community based self-help support groups.

Family Programs

For spouses, family members, and friends who desire recovery for their loved one, or for co-dependency. This program consists of family interventions, primary treatment, individual counseling and community based self-help support groups.

Intensive OP

Intensive Outpatient Treatment offers comprehensive therapy while allowing individuals the flexibility to continue
working or attending school, stay at home with loved ones, and develop support groups within their own communities. This treatment program includes education, group therapy sessions, individual counseling and a family program involving the use of community based self-help support groups.


The Alcohol Drug Information School course covers the personal, social, health, and economic costs of alcohol and drug related offenses, as well as available community resources. This course fulfills court-ordered drug/alcohol education requirements for DUI offenders who have been assessed as having no significant alcohol/drug related problems.

Deferred Prosecution Evals

If you have received a DUI and would like to know more about Deferred Prosecution, an evaluation will give you the facts and the information you need for you to make your decision. Individuals wanting to petition the court for a Deferred Prosecution need to consult with and or retain an attorney for legal counsel.


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Believe In Recovery does bill private insurance. We do offer a payment plan and sliding fee scale for individuals that are paying out of pocket for their treatment services.


Believe In Recovery subscribes to the belief that Substance Abuse Disorder is a disease that effects the whole person and their family system. The disease is treatable from a holistic and multidisciplinary approach that focuses on physical, emotional, intellectual, social and spiritual issues. Each of these areas must be addressed in treatment for an individual to experience self-sustaining recovery and a sense of well being.

All services and treatment are provided to any persons without regard to their race, color, national origin, marital status, sex, sexual orientation, religion, creed, age, or political affiliation.